Geotechnical and Material Testing Laboratory

About Our Laboratory

SOLUM: Latin meaning "Soil, Ground"; Pronunciation: (sO'lum).

Solum Consultants Ltd is specialized in geotechnical engineering and soils and aggregates testing.  The company was originally established in 2003 operating under the name of Solum Testing performing soils and aggregates testing using ASTM and AASHTO procedures.

In 2006 the company was transferred to Saad A.M. Farag Ph.D., P.Eng.  Mr. Farag is a geotechnical and structural engineer with over 20 years of experience in geotechnical engineering and material testing. Significant developments and improvements have been steadily achieved in all aspects of procedures leading to distinguish quality production.  Solum Consultants Ltd. possesses the capacity to simultaneously run twenty-eight consolidation tests (ASTM D2435), thirty Tri-axial shear tests with pore water pressure measurements (ASTM D4767), five fully computerized Direct Shear test (ASTM D3080), and thirty-seven Hydraulic Conductivity Tests (permeability) (ASTM D5084). These developments enable Solum Consultants to effectively and efficiently handle large projects where turnaround time is of great concern.  Recently, pneumatic conductivity or air permeability tests have been developed using either rigid-wall or flexible-wall methods, ASTM D6539, as well as thermal conductivity/resistively test, ASTM D5334.

Why Get Soil Tested by a Geotechnical Laboratory?

  1. Laboratory testing will confirm and validate field soil classifications.

  2. Correct soil classification (ie. index testing) is important for development of any project, large or small.

  3. Laboratory testing will minimize inconsistencies and discrepancies.

  4. Laboratory testing is mandatory for most engineering and environmental projects.

  5. Reduce liability concerns.

Why Choose Solum for Your Geotechnical Laboratory Testing Needs?
  1. Solum uses industry accepted ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials) as well as U.S. Army Corps of Engineers procedures for laboratory testing.

  2. Solum offers quick turn around times on testing.

  3. Competitive prices.

  4. Our testing results are well organized and clearly presented.

  5. Our testing results are transmitted electronically via email. We can also deliver results by conventional means (ie. mail, fax) if desired.

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